Our expertise in intervention science, intentional program evaluation, assessment design, grant writing and systems-oriented research enables us to support clients who are developing, modifying and testing programs and practices in their organizations and communities.


We work collaboratively with clients to develop strategic plans to assess new and existing programs by identifying a clear intention, goals and objectives, determining the collaborative partnerships necessary to deliver these programs, creating strategic plans for funding, and engaging in high quality research to test program outcomes and track fidelity, implementation and impact.


We create innovative, mixed-methods assessment and implementation tools that empower our clients and the systems that they work in to be more effective.


We work with clients to transform scientific evidence into real world practice through innovation, adaptation and collaboration. Through the translation of research findings into pragmatic tools, we enable our clients to balance the need for programs that meet their unique needs with the need for high quality replication and long-term positive impact.


Our services include:

  • Readiness Assessment

  • Strategic planning

  • Research design 

  • Measurement development 

  • Program evaluation and reporting

  • Scientific and grant writing, editing and consultation

  • Leadership guidance and coaching

  • Training and education 



What Distinguishes ISAEA


  • Decades of intervention and implementation research, program evaluation and grant writing experience.

  • Unique ability to design and validate qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods assessment tools to meet the unique evaluation, implementation and strategic needs of our clients.

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and capacities to create collaborative partnerships among users and stakeholders in the development, testing and implementation of evidence-based programs.

  • Years of experience managing complex, multi-site research programs and teams.

  • A systems perspective that recognizes, appreciates and accounts for the unique and collective needs of individuals and the systems in which they live and work.

  • An international network of highly skilled research and program evaluation partners and resources, and the ability to partner with a highly experienced and select group of colleagues with a common goals and vision.

  • The use of mindfulness principles and practices in informing our work with clients at every level of the process.




a thing intended; an aim or plan.



the action of working with someone to produce or create something.


im ʹpăkt(ə)n/

A significant or strong influence; an effect.


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