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Crim Fitness Foundation Mindfulness Initiative - Greater Flint MI


Dr. Bullock is presently directing the research and programming and implementation efforts for the Crim Fitness Foundation's Mindfulness Initiative in which all Flint Community Schools will be delivering mindfulness-based programming to teachers, staff and students. This programming will soon be expanded to families and additional schools in the Genesee Independent School District. 

Mindfulness for Hope and Healing Part II - WJRT Flint


The water crisis has created a cloud of fear and uncertainty in Flint for residents and children. There is a level of stress for everyone involved. Parents are afraid of what the future may bring for their children. Children have heard they were "poisoned" and have learned to avoid drinking fountains and tap water. We are all aware of the danger of the lead and the need to do everything possible to lessen lead's impact on our children. The Crim also recognizes this as an opportunity to expand a program that is improving grades, behavior and happiness in classrooms. It is decreasing bullying and aggression, increasing compassion and empathy for others and helping students resolve conflict.  See story here.

Mindfulness and Lead Exposure in Flint MI

Interview with Larry Jacobs on Education Talk Radio 

Laurie Coots, CEO of MindUp and the Hawn Foundation and I discuss the importance of bringing mindfulness education to the community of Flint MI to help heal the effects of toxic exposure to high levels of lead in the drinking water. Listen to the interview here. 

Combatting the Effects of Lead Exposure in Flint, MI: Why Mindfulness Matters


On Thursday, Oct. 6, more than 1,000 people gathered in downtown Flint to hear from one of the pioneering researchers in the field of Mindfulness. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn shared his expertise, clarity and wisdom about the value Mindfulness can bring to health and healing to us as individuals and our community. It was my privilege to introduce the topic of mindfulness, and why it may be of particular importance in combatting the effects of lead exposure and high levels of community stress.  Watch here

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