Our world needs professional communities organized around awareness, compassion, integrity and effectiveness.


This requires the cultivation of highly capable leaders and systems thinkers with the capacity to elicitorganize and synthesize complex ideas, achieve consensus and maintain integrity and a commitment to excellence.


ISAEA was created to fulfill that need.


We collaborate with educators, business leaders, non-profit organizations, program developers, policy makers, funders and change agents to support the development, strategic planning, evaluation, implementation, funding, success and sustainability of mindfulness-informed programs. 






We are dedicated to serving new and existing programs by:


  • designing unique and creative strategies for research, evaluation, implementation and impact.


  • developing and validating unique assessment tools that serve your individual needs.


  • creating strategic plans for grant writing, funding, program evaluation and dissemination.


  • building collaborative partnerships to support the design, evaluation, implementation and sustainability, and


  • using mindfulness-based skills and practices to create contexts of awareness, reflection, compassion and kindness to enhance program development, evaluation, and implementation and to empower people, organizations and systems.

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